Lalonde’s Sugarbush

Welcome to the 53rd Annual Maple Syrup Festival!

Brrrrr…. baby it’s cold outside. This past winter has given us some very cold days and nights and we’re hoping it makes for an exceptional syrup crop this year, but we never can tell until it’s over. As most of you know, we need freezing temperatures at night and plus temperatures in the day time so the sap flows, and Mother Nature predicts it all. I would like to tell you about our new product this year, ” Maple Cotton Candy” made with our very own maple syrup. OMG you need to try it. It just melts in your mouth and has that great maple flavour. It will be available at our sugar bush camp as well as at our booth uptown across from the Community Hall. Some of you may have tried it already if you were at some of the Winter Carnivals in our area this past winter. I have to say that Tim was “no slouch” this winter. He worked very hard and had to be out in the cold weather all day at these events. I did it for one day, and I’ll leave it at that ( I hate being cold ). I too was busy making a new feature for our sugar bush tour. I have made a life size portrait of Tim, myself and our “Lady“ dog for you to come and take pictures of yourselves being “us”. I think I did a pretty good job of capturing our life during the syrup season. You can also take a walk in our bush and see all the trees that are tapped. We also have points of interest along the way and have maps to guide you. Lastly, Tim and I would like to give a big thank you to all the people who have helped in making this annual event such a success over the years. There are so many people that have volunteered their time each year and we would like to acknowledge that, without them we wouldn’t be celebrating 50 years of tradition.

Tim and Peg Lalonde