Annual Log Sawing Competition

Event takes place on the Mainstage directly following the Opening Ceremony at 12 Noon

It takes teamwork, communication and a little bit of muscle to win the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival Log-Sawing Competition. This popular event draws crowds from near and far, and when the 6-pound, two-person crosscut saw is revealed, the group of anxious politicians and dignitaries huddle in tight circles, discussing techniques to saw through the pine log in the quickest time.Two-person crosscut sawing is truly a team event, requiring an intuitive sense of your partner’s next move. It takes co-operation, trust and the ability to find an easy rhythm with the saw moving in one continuous motion rather than the disjointed tempo many first-timer’s experience. Most of these teams have worked together on local Councils and in boardrooms for years but in this 15 seconds of competition they truly test their ability to communicate effectively.When the log is set in place and referee Doug Kirton gives his signal, the first set of lumberjacks are off, working together to slice through the wood.  When each team has had their chance to prove their skills, the winning team is declared based on the fastest time. The victors are honoured with a trophy, bragging rights and a bottle of nature’s sweetest treat – Maple Syrup.